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Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club upholds the long-standing tradition in golf of the caddie. From the best professionals in the game of golf to the weekend golfer, the caddie plays an important role in the golf game. They provide services to the golfer that involve giving advice, getting yardage, keeping equipment clean, reading greens and allowing the golfer to leave the power cart behind and walk the course.

The Warwick Caddie Program has over 100 local kids working as caddies throughout the summer. It is a great opportunity for kids to develop a good work ethnic and learn about the game of golf. Caddies at Warwick Hills have various levels of exposure to the game of golf and caddying for Warwick members is a great opportunity to expand on this exposure.

Warwick Caddie Scholarship

The Warwick Caddie Scholarship (administered by The Evans Scholar Foundation) provides full tuition and housing scholarships to high-achieving caddies with limited financial means. Established in 1930 by the Western Golf Association and celebrated amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr., the Foundation administers the nation’s largest scholarship program for caddies - currently, 965 students enrolled at 20 universities, including 15 where the Evans Scholars Foundation operates Scholarship Houses. At Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club, our membership has continued to embrace the Evans Scholars Foundation.

Click here to view a list of previous Evans Scholars recipients.

All caddies must attend and pass caddie school before they become a caddie at Warwick Hills. The opportunity to become a caddie at our prestigious Club and to apply for the Evans Scholarship is within your reach! Warwick Hills and The Evans Scholar Foundation are always looking for candidates willing to work hard at school and on the golf course as caddies. For more information, please contact Jake Rogers, Caddie Master, at

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